Emergency placement 

BENARISHOMEUK   warmly embraces every young person  from diverse backgrounds, which includes:

  • Respect for cultural and religious differences: Valuing and respecting the diverse cultural and religious beliefs of each young person.
  •  Acceptance of sexual orientation: Embracing individuals of all sexual orientations and ensuring a supportive environment for LGBTQ+ youth.
  •  Promotion of equality and diversity: Advocating for equality and diversity in all aspects of support provided to young individuals.
  •  Commitment to providing stability and security: Ensuring that each young person receives a stable and secure living environment, regardless of their background.
  •  Offering emergency placements: Additionally, we are equipped to offer emergency placements in all of our homes located throughout the UK.

Contact us directly on  07501 198446 / 01708594424, to arrange a placement.

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Quality Support

At BENARISHOMEUK, We provide exceptional support and comfortable living environment, both  long-term and short-term accommodation options  for individual young person aged 16+  to  25 years old. Our priority is to attentively cater to the unique needs, we support, ensuring they feel heard and valued throughout their stay.


 For emergency  placement, contact us through the form here 

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Our  Services:

Social, emotional and mental health needs:

Many people are in care because their parents are unable to meet their needs, which is where our specialist training and abilities come in.

 Moderate learning disabilities:

We are  adept at helping young people who are living with learning disabilities, and we has a team at BenArisHomeUk can help support them in finding direction, work, and purpose.

Risk of exploitation or abuse:

Our care aims to provide young people with the tools needed to challenge and avoid exploitation or abuse, both in the present and in the future.

Help with recovery:

Many of our service users are dealing with the trauma of having lived through abuse or exploitation, and our quality of  care helps them deal with that, and prevent it going forwards.

Goals And Structure









At BenArisHomeUK, We provide Semi-Independent Supported Accommodation for Young People . 

Contact us on:   07501198446.

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