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Full time care for young Person in Havering

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The Goals at BenArisHomeUK:



We provide full time care for young adults in Havering. For them the home should represent security, safety, and a place from which to grow and flourish. More than this, it should be a place where you’ll be listened to and understood, and supported to improve and achieve your goals. 


A place that’s comfortable and spacious, in a good location, and with opportunity to thrive. BenArisHomeUK aims to give all of that and more, allowing a young person from deprived or traumatic backgrounds to recover and replenish.



The act of fostering is more than just providing accommodation and food. It is to support growth, enable improvement, and meet complex care needs – mentally, emotionally, and educationally.


Sometimes a young person needs time to themselves. Other times they need interaction. By offering a listening ear when needed, or arranging days out and activities, and likewise giving them space in their own home, they will feel supported and care for.

We at BenArisHomeUK ensure Continuous Development

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